Frequently Asked Questions


To track your shipments you can go to the Shipment options track shipments option and input the AWB no
For any issues related to Shipping/Items/Tracking, you need to contact the Logistic Partners at the numbers given at this link..


For any issues related to Booking, Shipping Items, pick-ups, Tracking, Technical issues & Delivery, you need to contact the Logistic Partners at the numbers 
You need to submit an AWB printout and a copy of the Invoice for the item shipped.


 Invoices are raised on 15th & 30th of every month.
In case of issues related to billing, you need to contact
 Click here for more details on billing.


In case of issues related to billing, you need to contact
In Below cases, Logistic Partners are not responsible for undelivered parcels: Wrong contact details of the Consignee. Consignee Not available. Consignee refuses to accept the shipment. Booking Shipments for Remote area / Prohibited Items.
The Logistic Partners are not responsible for any loss of parcel, due to damage in transit as parcels are packed at your end.
To raise a claim, you need to send the mail you received from the buyer to the respective Logistic Partners. Logistic Partners will then review the case. Once reviewed, the payment is released in next 48 Hours to your account.
The Logistics Partner covers your item if lost during transit. Bombino Express: 10$ or invoice value whichever is lower DHL Express: Only if parcels are insured FedEx: Only if parcels are insured ICC World Wide: 10$ or invoice value whichever is lower


You need to contact eBay customer support
You can make payments via Cheque, Credit card, Debit Card & Demand Draft.
The Logistic Partner will first contact the buyer. If buyer refuses to pay the custom duty, it will be upon you as a seller to make the necessary payments.
In case of a failure to pay fees on time, the eBay account in question will be restricted up until the payment has been cleared.
Your Powership Global fees will be included in your monthly eBay Invoices.


Send an email to for cancellation.
Yes, you have to register separately for every Logistic Partner.
It takes 24 working hours to get registered for Bombino Express & ICC Worldwide once eBay receives seller registration details. For FedEx and DHL Express, it takes 72 working hours once all the necessary documents have been submitted.
The KYC docs required for verification has to be submitted when asked by the Logistic Partners.
To register with Power ship Global,you will have to login and accept the agreement.  

About PS global

 Yes, click on the logistic partner links to view their insurance plans. Bombino :- NA. DHL Express :- NA. Fedex :- 2% premium on declared value. ICC :- NA.
Yes, but the prices vary for different Logistic Partners. You need to contact Logistic Partners for prices.
Yes, but you need to contact a Customer Support Representative from the respective Logistic Partner.
To know more about prohibited items, click here
No, it is not mandatory to ship all items through Powership Global. You can ship your listed items via a preferred Logistic Partners too.
eBay plays the role of a facilitator between the Logistic Partners & the sellers. eBay doesn’t take responsibility of shipping the products. The responsibility of packing and shipping rests solely with the seller.
 There are various benefits of Powership Global. Some of the key benefits are highlighted as below: Competitive pricing across all weight slabs. Insurance cover at economical prices. Better cash flow virtue of longer credit period. Real time parcel tracking facility. Faster receipt of goods. Dedicated customer support for shipping related queries. Single Window Clearance for all export related documents. Bulk Order upload and instant AWB printing facility. Special login to be able to track monthly sales details. Consolidated eBay invoice, as per seller billing cycle. Expedited Shipping within 4 days. Auto-Customs clearance facility at port of destination to avoid time delay.
Powership Global is a shipment facilitation service designed to benefit Indian CBT Sellers who sell their products to buyers abroad (Exports).