Book Shipment

  • Step 1: Follow the path Shipment -> Book Shipment.

  •  Step 2: This fetches all the booked order data from eBay API which is by default for 10 days.

     Step 3: Click on Refresh Button to assure that recently updated Booked Orders are populated.

  • Step 4: Check the items that you want to book for Shipment. Fill all the details carefully as shown.

    Step 5: Click on the link shown to view the Buyer Information.

  • View Buyer Information

    Step 1: Click on the link shown in the above image to view the Buyer Information.

    Step 2: Click on the button ‘Edit Info’ to alter the information given.

    Step 3: Click on the button ‘Save’ to update the changes.

    Book Multi-Line Order

    Step 1: Select Multiple Orders and group them under same package.

    Step 2: Selects one of the orders as Main Package and group all rest orders under one package as Shown above.

    Step 3: Orders other than main package order will have fields disabled. Hence Seller will have to put weight which is summation of the weights of all the items on the main package order.

    Step 4: Click on the button ‘Book Shipment’

    Grouping Multiple Items under One Box

    Step 1: You can group some of the items in the same Box and remaining items in other.

    Step 2: Consider the scenario where we have to ship three items. We will group two items in Box 1 and third item in Box 2.

    Step 3: Select Box 1 for first two items under package 1

    Step 4: Select Box 2 for third item under package 1.

    Step 5: This will allow only one AWB to be generated. Only for FedEx Parent and Child AWB shall be generated.

    Rate API (Only for FedEx)

    Step 1: This API ensures that if the item is being shipped to a remote area then the seller shall get additional Price Details to be paid as per FedEx Norms

    Step 2: For Example-Consider the scenario where the Seller is resided in Hanwood, Australia.

    Step 3: Seller clicks on the button ‘Rate’ which is enabled as soon as FedEx is selected as Logistic Partner.

    Step 4: Seller gets the additional amount charged by FedEx for servicing in the Remote Area.

    Step 5: Seller clicks on the button ‘Book Shipment’ and gets the success message. Seller clicks on the link ‘here’ to get the PDF.

    Step 6: Seller gets the invoice copy and two AWB copy as FedEx Master and FedEx Child. Master and

    Step 7: After Seller clicks on download PDF, it generates zip file with the Airway Bill and corresponding Invoice PDF in the same zip file as shown below:

    Invoices and AWB’s (For Items grouped in BOX FedEx)



    Invoice for Multi-Piece Shipment

    As seen in the invoice Billing is done only for the order under main package and not for the other orders as seller has put weight inclusive of all orders in main package

    AWB for Single Line Order

    Invoice for Single Line Order

    Aramex Location IP

    Step 1: It is possible that the Buyer information for City/State does not match with the Pin Code Entered.

    Step 2:Consider the following example of Buyer Information.

    Step 3: If the seller tries to book shipment with above buyer information and selects Aramex as the Logistic Partner then seller gets below error message

    Step 4: Rectify the address and then proceed.